Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


The Power of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a procedure that involves the injection of platelet rich blood, which activates healing growth factors, from the patient’s own body to promote the repair of injured tissues and stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells at the injection site.

 This procedure uses the body’s own natural regeneration process to activate stem cells and grow new tissue. Originally used in reconstructive surgery, dentistry and sports medicine to accelerate joint, tissue and wound repair, PRP has been refined for a range of cosmetic and other medical applications. Containing only autologous components, PRP has been clinically proven to be one of the safest and most effective cellular rejuvenation treatments available.

The O shot

Also known as the Orgasm Shot, works by injecting the body’s own growth factors into the nerve control center of the clitoris and vagina. The O-Shot® can help rejuvenate the vagina while simultaneously treating urinary incontinence issues.

The O-Shot® procedure uses the seven different growth factors naturally occurring in every patient’s blood. Once injected, the growth factors stimulate the nerve cells to rejuvenate and repair themselves, resulting in a younger, more responsive sexual response and function. Many patients report that a single O-Shot® treatment can have results that last a year or even longer, although results vary by individual.

The O-Shot® is an innovative, completely non-surgical procedure that works by rejuvenating the natural sexual response system by stimulating the growth of tissues responsible for orgasm by increasing vaginal and clitoral sensitivity. 

More than 50 percent of women report either a low libido or some form of sexual dysfunction, making it one of the most common chronic issues that women face today.

The O-Shot® is an in-office procedure done in about 5 minutes.

Benefits of the "O" shot

Every woman responds to the O-Shot® differently, but many patients who have undergone the O-Shot® procedure have reported:

1. An improvement in natural lubrication

2. Reduced or completely resolved issues with both urge and stress types of urinary incontinence.

3. More intense orgasms

4. Younger, smoother and more radiant skin of the vulva

5. An improved intensity with clitoral stimulation

6. Increased frequency of orgasms

7. Reduced or resolved pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)

8. Greater numbers of vaginal orgasms

9. A tightening of the vaginal opening

The Story of The O-Shot

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